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In today’s regulatory environment, the closing  process poses substantial risk to lenders. Closing agents must be managed along with other vendors. This 1-hour webinar talks about concerns, risks, and management components when it comes to Closing Agents. Topics of the webinar are: · The Regulatory Landscape · Risk Management Framework and Requirements · Effective Closing Agent Management Process · Closing Agent Risks · Closing Agent Management Program Components · Loan Origination Process and Impacts · Closing Agent Program Value Tuesday, September 12, 2017    1:00pm – 2:00 pm OMBA Member Companies   $99.95 per…

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Compliance Essentials

What’s new from MBA Compliance Essentials? Though our partnership with the national MBA, we are pleased to announce a series of new resources from MBA’s popular Compliance Essentials (CE) program, which all have special pricing for our state association members. All CE resources are created in collaboration between MBA and top industry legal experts. To view  Compliance Essentials offerings, click HERE.

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